Klondike Pictures

Photo of Ralph Taeger from Klondike very macho Photo of Ralph Taeger playing cards in Klondike

                These are press pictures from networks that include the info sheet attached to the pictures.

Photo of Ralph Taeger and Joi Lansing and Mari Blanchard from Klondike Photo of Ralph Taeger Looking sincere in Klondike

 The first picture is an advertisement for Klondike out of the Australian Weekly Journal, The second is another studio picture.

Photo of Ralph Taeger from Klondike wearing white fur coat with a derringer in Hand Photo of Ralph Taeger playing From the Tales of the Klondike book

Here on the left we have  a Klondike picture that resembles a post card.  On the right is the cover of Klondike the book printed in Great Britain.  The book contained the adventures of Michael Halliday the III in Skagway Alaska


These are scans of the original photo's.  I own all images you see.  These are not stolen from other sites.