Ralph Taeger the star of Hondo and The Apaches was once a baseball player before he started his acting career. The first series Ralph Taeger was in was Klondike a story about the gold rush in Skagway Alaska.  He played Michael Halliday III.  The show also starred James Coburn, Mari Blanchard and Joi Lansing.  There were many guest stars on the show like L.Q. Jones, Jack Albertson , Claude Akins and Richard Kiel.  For such a good show it was only to last 17 episodes.  Later he went on to star in an adventure show called Acapulco.  In 1967 Ralph Taeger starred in Hondo and The Apaches. 

   He is also known for many movies. The CarpetBaggers,  X-15, Stage to Thunder Rock, and A House Is Not A Home to name a few. Ralph is married with one son and has his own business.

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Ralph Taeger as Michael Halliday III in Klondike